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DJ Personalities Spring 2017



Alternative Approaches
Chloe Chindgren & Hannah Woehrle
4 PM – 5 PM
A series of mash-ups and covers to make you as confused and uncomfortable as possible
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New Year’s Resolution
Sarah Bigler 5 PM – 6 PM
New music

“To Be Determined” / Frankies music and a chat
Emily Whelan & Frankie Edwards
6 PM – 7 PM
alternative/ indie/ giving exposure to new music
Introducing new music to cool people

My Parents Music
Rachel Finston & Eleanor Nielsen
7 PM – 8 PM
Tune in with Rachel and Ellie for some classics from the 60s, 70s and 80s, the music our parents love, at 7 pm on Mondays.


Melon Madness
Jasmine Pineda
8 PM – 9 PM
Each week is a band/artist starting with a different letter from all genres, listen in for some madness!

River City Soundtrack
Gracie Foust & Jacob Huffman
9 PM – 10 PM
Good music and good discussions


Give Me A Break
Allison Tovey & Christina Amaral
2 PM – 3 PM
Different theme every week

Eagle Talk
Nicholas Jamison
3 PM – 4 PM
A talk show which brings in fellow eagles to talk with.
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Breakout Radio
Phillip McNeil
5 PM – 6 PM
Hip-hop, RnB, instrumentals, rock.

Mike & (Not) Mike
Chris Markham & Mikey Barnes
6 PM – 7 PM
Sports talk

Subject to Change
Mark Herring
7 PM – 8 PM
Subject to Change is Mark’s weekly attempt at a variety show. As the title suggests anything goes and anything can happen.

Ahad Shahid
8 PM – 9 PM
a drink that taste bad but the after taste is intriguing so you erseep on drinking it anyways?

Sunken Radio
Matthew Allocca & Paul King
9 PM – 10 PM
We play music and talk about the history of the group/band/etc

Ice Cream On A Separate Plate
Grace Howie
10 PM – 11 PM
It’s Lit


Radio Rock
Sofia Di Benigio
12 PM – 1 PM
Rock Music

The Lava Lounge
Lindsay Innis & Jada Steward
3 PM – 4 PM
Dreamy ideas and tunes to accompany them

A Whole Lotta Nothing
Karen Cassine, Monique Cooper, & Yesenia Lyons
4 PM – 5 PM
Comedy talk show

good enough.
Kelly Ohmann & Jordan Barker
5 PM – 6 PM
2 indie sad girls with a radio show. hosted by Kelly Ohmann (@kelly_ohmann) and Jordan Barker (@jordanmbarker) every Wednesday 5-6PM EST
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Four Eyes Radio
Jackson Downey & Jacob Atkinson
6PM – 7 PM
Just guys being dudes: talk radio with occasional songs

Stay golden
Curtis Pilcher
7 PM – 8 PM

Max Gorman & Savannah Pharr
8 PM – 9 PM
Canine admiration


Easy Listening Radio
Zach Reinsel
11 AM – 12 PM
Slow, relaxing jazz and other music from the 40s through the 60s.

How to Get A JOB!
Kim Gower
2 PM – 3 PM
Helpful information for students about how to prepare for the job search process, including finding positions, resume tips, interviewing, negotiating, and landing a professional position.

Chill UMW
Lauren Sargent
4 PM – 5 PM
Unwind and relax while doing homework, reading or just chilling out. A wide variety of indie, alternative and pop music.

thurs vibez

Thursday Vibez
Alaina Archie & Lindsay Innis
6 PM – 7 PM
~ Tune in for some rad vibez and a good time ~
Every week we have a new vibe with music ranging from rap, alternative rock, indie, and electronic.

The Garden Hour
Haley Spencer & Christine MacKrell
8 PM – 9 PM
Indie/Alt/Folk Music
Playing funky and succulent jams.

The Runny Yolk Hour with Susan
Ryan Goodrich & Caroline Flynn
9 PM – 10 PM
Mixed-media Experimental Electronic

Smol Cast
Brittany Gowarty & Kelly Ohmann
10 PM – 11 PM
Smolest gals around answering the big questions



Bear Sounds
Lauren Taylor
10 AM – 11 AM
Tune in for a mix of indie & 80s bare music! Every Friday at 10 a.m.


Soggy Bottom Boys
Chris Sandoval & Cody Reynolds
11 AM – 12 PM
Music from movies and discussions of movies

Maureen’s Mixings
Maureen Thoensen
2 PM – 3 PM


Afternoon Throwbacks
Bethel Mahoney & Robert Lee
3 PM – 4 PM
Playing throwbacks and providing commentary to give UMW’s students a chance to feel nostalgic and joy.

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Haphazard Radio
Maddie Reid & Bryant Atkins
4 PM – 5 PM

Music and Musings
Miguel Flores
5 PM – 6 PM
Classic rock? Yeah. Beats? We got em’. METAL? Oh yes. Jazz? Yeaaaaahh. Background and fun facts that will make you reflect on new music and timeless classics alike? You’re covered! Now if we could just find a new DJ… Tune in to ‘Music and Musings’ for some great college radio courtesy of WMWC. Fridays at 5pm. Or don’t. You’re an adult. Your call. But you know you want to.


Bottomless Pit Radio
Abbey Bailey & Reid Spencer
6 PM – 7 PM
Your favorite campus couple will be spinning everything from Danny Brown to Iron and Wine to Death Grips to Bon Iver.

Under The Sun
Stacy Judge
7 PM – 8 PM
Playing awesome music of different genres and having themed shows each week along with weekly guests and games for listeners to play along with myself and the guests.

Electronic Hour with Noah
Noah Strobel
8 PM – 9 PM

Shuaib Ahmad 
9 PM – 10 PM

Heavy Metal/Hard Rock


Marmalade Skeleton Party
Kate Coburn
10 AM – 11 AM
Rock n Roll/Pop

Morgan McMahon
3 PM – 4 PM
A combo of indie and electronic music with the occasional themed shows


How Not to Run a Radio Show
Jackson Polizzi
12 PM – 1 PM
Discussion of real world events both historical and modern with intermissions of music

Bethany Wilson
2 PM – 3 PM

Anything unique I guess

Cole Hodges
4 PM – 5 PM
Heavy Music, Dark Music

Odds n’ Ends
Kevin Coleman
5 PM – 6 PM
Playing only the deepest cuts from the 60’s and 70’s. Never released, undiscovered, ultra-rarities covering psychedelic rock, folk, garage, rockabilly, proto-punk, and free-form freakouts of any kind!

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Mind Funeral
Alex Rudenshiold
6 PM – 7 PM
Whatever I want to play, probably something unhappy.

Taco Tuesday
Beatrice Ohene-Okae Sarah Kinzer, & Katie Armstrong
7 PM – 8 PM
Songs that provide social commentary

sleepy sunday

Sleepy Sunday
Abbey Bailey & Jada Steward
8 PM – 9 PM
Wake up! Jada and Abbey will be spinning your favorite alt/indie tunes at 8 PM every Sunday as they discuss the film and literature that they love.

Clear as Folk
Noah Goodwin
9 PM – 10 PM
Experimental music and honesty

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