September 29 Meeting Minutes

-Even more Superior Nest Playlist
It’s great. If you have suggestions, put them on the sheet taped to the blue file cabinet

-Fix up profile
Please respond to Austin’s emails about your DJ profile for the website


-What happens when the computer is off?
-Turn on the computer
-Log in with our username (something akin to UMWRADIO)
-Password: Fall 2015
-Click on the yellow triangle (icecast) – a black box with white words should come up
-Click on the black circle with the yellow lightning bolt (edcast)
-If green lights come up, it works. If not, play itunes and then it should

-Pay your dues, friends
If you live in TriMo, Bev and Sofia live in Ball – come give us your dues BY OCTOBER 2ND

-Officer elections
If you wanna be an officer – talk to us! We need someone to replace Chris as
Station Manager next semester

-Open forum
Questions about the mics and feedback – everything is fine
Can we start doing live events? Yes! We’re working on it and will be in touch with you when we
have opportunities!
Start marketing yourselves! Flyers, Facebook pages, etc.
Push the club in people’s faces – talk to your on campus job: bookstore, Underground,
University Center
You are responsible for your guests – they are not allowed to touch the board. EVER.
No alcohol in the station (this came up via an anecdote)
Be respectful when going into the station while other DJs are in there. If they’re on the
microphone, do not try to unlock the door. Wait for them to finish talking before you walk in.
Next Meeting is October 20th at 7pm in ITCC 210

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