Odds n’ Ends 10/17/15

Thanks to everyone who tuned in today! Like us on Facebook! Next week’s theme will be Electronic music.

Today’s theme was Post-punk, here’s the playlist:


1. The Durutti Column – Conduct

2. Holograms – ABC City

3. Devo – Jocko Homo

4. The Wipers – Taking Too Long

5. Pylon – Human Body

6. The Raincoats – Fairytale in the Supermarket

7. Minutemen – Viet Nam

8. The Au Pairs – It’s Obvious

9. Joy Division – Twenty Four Hours

10. Human Sexual Response – Pound

11. Echo & The Bunnymen – With a Hip

12. Mission of Burma – That’s How I Escaped My Certain Fate

13. Savage Republic – Machinery

14. Siekiera – Bez Końca

15. Pere Ubu – Modern Dance

16. The Birthday Party – Wildworld



  1. haha, I can see how that could be easily misread :b

    This saturday I’m playing electronic stuff so I’m sure you’ll like that.

  2. I read “post-punk” as “pop punk” and was SO confused when I saw Devo and Echo & the Bunnymen. I’m bummed I missed this show!

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