Minutes from 10/20/15 Club Meeting

**This was a ridiculously long and unorganized meeting and we are sorry for making everyone hang around for that long**

7:00 – Handing out of free club tshirts

If you were not at the meetings and did not get a tshirt, they are in a box in the station. Please take ONE. There are about 9 smalls, 1 medium and 3 larges left.

7:05 – Please do not forget to turn the lights off after your show!

7:10 – Also sticker/tshirt designs! This lovely one was produced by Jordan Barker. If you also have a design please send it to abailey@mail.umw.edu AND submit them using the form on OrgSync here: https://orgsync.com/63059/forms/168891

7:10 – Open officer positions (this was a disproportionately large chunk of the meeting)


Chris, our station manager, had to leave the club for personal reasons so we are looking for someone to fill his spot, along with the vice treasurer position, vice music director position and vice communications & publications position. Music director and coms and pubs were both filled at the meeting, but we have two people interested for both vice treasurer and station manager. What this means is that we need YOU to 1) go into OrgSync https://orgsync.com/home/ and join WMWC’s page https://orgsync.com/63059/chapter and 2) take BOTH polls listed on our homepage. These close on October 23rd so please vote before then.

7:25 – Extra show hours! Since out schedule is pretty much set as of right now, we are opening up any empty slots to current DJs to take another hour for their show. This additional hour does not need to be consecutive with your original hour. Please let Sofia know if you are interested in this.

7:30 – TOMORROW (10/21) is the Bad-Ash Bonfire hosted by ARH in Jeffy Square which starts at 7:30. WMWC will be DJing this event, and this is our first live event this year! If you are interested in having a chance to DJ publically, please let an officer know ASAP (as in before you go to bed tonight). You will be expected to be in Jeffy Square at 6:30 tomorrow to get the overview of what you will be doing from our music director Maureen. I already have Kate C, Beth L, Haley S, Christine, and Kelly & Jordan down.

Love, Abbey

10-20 Minutes

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