Remix and Review 12/01: Relax a Bit!

The last show of the semester is never easy, especially with the year wrapping up with work and finals and all that junk.  So, take some time today to listen to some easier music while studying, or on a break, or just to listen to music.  Thanks for a wonderful Semester of Remix and Review!


  1. Press Start [Title JP] by Tuberz McGee
    1. from Sonic CD:  Temporal Duality
  2. Metroid Prime “Hot Machine, Cold Surface” by Ben Prunty
  3. Mega Man X6 “Stealth Chameleon” by Theory of N
  4. Select Hop [Stage Select] by Joshua Morse
    1. from Mega Man 9:  Back in Blue
  5. Dust Crusher (Mega Man 4:  Dust Man’s Stage) by Joshua Morse
    1. from Mega Man:  The Robot Museum
  6. Victory Festival [Continue (Milky Way Wishes)] by Geofrey Taucer and Usa
    1. from Milky Way Wishes:  A Kirby Super Star Tribute
  7. Do Piranha Plants Dream of Electric Italians (Piranha Plant Lullaby) by Tuberz McGee
    1. from Super Mario 64:  Portrait of a Plumber
  8. Mario Circuit (GBA) by Shiho Fuji/Atsuko Asahi/Ryo Nagamatsu/Yasuaki Iwata
    1. from Mario Kart 8
  9. Extraordinary [Cosmic Eternity – Believe in Yourself] by Palpable featuring Digi Valentine
    1. from Sonic CD:  Temporal Duality

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