Hoarsebox Stops By for Devil Goat Day

After Iceland’s volcanic eruption and the closing of airports all around Europe, Hoarsebox managed to catch the first flight to the US just in time to play UMW’s Devil Goat Day.  The weather was beautiful, the performance was amazing and it was the perfect break before the stress of exam week settled in.  If you haven’t checked out their music yet, you really should. I downloaded their album, Cuckooland, after the concert and it is certainly worth a listen.  You can find them on iTunes and AmieStreet.com.

Check out the link for the interview with the band.

Hoarsebox Interview

Have a great summer ya’ll! And check back often, we’ll be posting more interviews with various artists throughout the summer, My Radio is up next.


Sound the Alarm! Howie Day Hit UMW

WMWC has brought you yet another great interview!

This time we had our very own Mike Powers interview Howie Day, of Collide fame.

Howie talked to us about his getting his start, his “Ah-ha!” moment, and his favorite bands to tour with.

He performed this afternoon in Ball Circle and played some great tracks from his latest album, Sound the Alarm.

Howie Day Interview

Be on the look out for our next interview with HoarseBox this Thursday at Devil Goat Day.

Thanks again to Joe Mollo and the Howie Day team.

Kenan Thompson

Ok, this one is really late, but well worth the trouble.

Back when Kenan was on campus earlier this semester, Jeremy Lay and I were able to get an interview with him before his unconventional stand up show.  Behind the scenes, Kenan is just as much a relaxed and chill guy as he is on stage.

We hope you enjoy it.

Kenan Thompson Interview

Gym Class Heroes Interview

Today WMWC (Jeremy, Zach and I) got the opportunity to interview Gym Class Heroes. The band is probably most well known for their hit Cupid’s Chokehold, but their set list tonight consisted of equally impressive tunes like Cookie Jar, Clothes Off!, and Live a Little.  This is a band that excels in in both the recording booth and live shows; you need to check them out if you haven’t already.

Although we got off to a rough start, Disashi Lumumba-Kasongowe and Matt McGinley put us at ease with their calm demeanor and quick wit and we all bonded over College Humor, Busta Rhymes, and Justin Bieber.  Disashi, guitarist and vocals, and Matt, drums and percussion, spend almost half an hour speaking with us about their music, influences, and pre-show rituals.  Check out the interview here:

Gym Class Heros Interview: Disashi Lumumba-Kasongon and Matt McGinley

After the show, Marc de Jesus and Eric Roberts stepped off the stage to meet the fans, and I got a chance to speak with them as well.  Sadly, I had no such luck with Travis McCoy, but he put on a great show none the less.

I’d like to give special thanks to all the people who helped us make the interview happen: Kelly McWilliam, Paul Horvath, Joe Mollo, and Zach Fichter.