good enough for our first show

Hiya everyone!

We’re JB and Kelly, the creators of “good enough.” We want to send a huge thank you out to everyone who cleared their 8PM Thursday timeslots and tuned into our show! Hopefully, you enjoyed our selections for tonight (I’ll list them all below) and will listen again next week! Be sure to follow us on twitter @UMWgoodenough for updates regarding the show or even to request some music! Hey, some shameless self-promo never hurt anyone!

See you all next Thursday!



Set list 9/17-


  1. Rotten Apples- Voxhaul Broadcast
  2. Hidden Pigeon- Statics
  3. Dashboard- Modest Mouse
  4. Undercover Martyn- Two Door Cinema Club
  5. Your Woman- White Town
  6. Stop the World I Wanna Get Off With You- Arctic Monkeys
  7. C’mere- Interpol
  8. Campus- Vampire Weekend
  9. Stare Into The Sun- Grafitti6
  10. Someday- The Strokes
  11. Hold Back the River- James Bay
  12. Lonely Boy- The Black Keys
  13. Reckless Serenade- Arctic Monkeys
  14. Midnight City- M83
  15. Naïve- The Kooks
  16. Snow (Hey Oh)- Red Hot Chili Peppers
  17. Last Nite- The Strokes