Melon Madness Interview w/ Wild Love

Here is my interview with Wild Love!

One of the songs I played by them is FREE to download, so go get it now:

Check them out!

Big thank you to the guys for this opportunity, and hopefully next time we can have the entire band on the phone (miss you Nolan)!
Best wishes to the best guys!


(All music actually played during the show was taken out during editing because of copyright issues)

Melon Madness: Week 3

Week 3! It is official, I’m back to the same-old thing as last year. But with a new twist: Going backwards in the alphabet.
Here are the songs I played, all bands & artists starting with the letter Z & Y!

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Melon Madness: Week “T”

Thank you all for tuning tonight! Here is tonight’s playlist and see you again next Thursday @ 7 again!
Anatomy – Take A Breath
Cute Without The ‘E’ – Taking Back Sunday
This Time Around – The Technicolors
Talk to Talk – This Century
Tears – The Tragic Thrills
Disintegration – Turnover
We Don’t Believe What’s On Tv – Twenty One Pilots
Trees – Twenty One Pilots
To The Top – Twin Shadow
Something Good Can Work – Two Door Cinema Club
What You Know – Two Door Cinema Club
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