Show Schedule


You Believe in the Moon?
Helena & Jack
3 PM – 4 PM
Eclectic- a mix of music, our favorite/ poetry, conspiracy theories, and weird history relating to a weekly theme

very few words
Emily Dabbs

4 PM – 5 PM
If bedsheets had beats, maybe they would sound like this.


Breakout Radio
Phillip McNeil
5 PM – 6 PM
Everything and Anything

UMW Jams
Beth Devine
6 PM – 7 PM

Exploding Plastic Inevitable Show
Frankie Edwards
7 PM – 8 PM
Good Music

Savannah Pharr & Max Gorman
8 PM – 9 PM
Dogs and Good Music


Side of Toast
Hannah Woehrle, Matt Leibowitz, & Paul King
5 PM – 6 PM
Toast related music show


The Ill

6 PM- 7 PM

The Jazz Hour of Wealth
Ryan Goodrich
7 PM – 8 PM


Ice Cream on a Separate Plate
8 PM – 9 PM
Every week we have a theme with both music and stories that fit that theme! Don’t miss it!!


Subject to Change
Mark Herring
9 PM – 10 PM
UMW’s one and only variety show where any and everything goes.


the sunshine show
Maggie McCotter
11 AM – 12 PM
various types of music mixed in with talk about all things outdoors

Chill UMW
Lauren Sargent
2 PM – 3 PM
Chill lo-fi, pop, indie and more.

Give Me A Break
Allison Tovey & Christina Amaral
3 PM – 4 PM
Music we love with different themes every week

Only C-List Rappers
Adele Blow & Elliot German
4 PM – 5 PM
***our quota for C-list Soundcloud rappers per show is two.

The Ryno Show
DJ Ryno
5 PM – 6 PM
Sports Talk

My Parents’ Music
Ellie Nielson & Rachel Finston
6 PM – 7 PM
Playing all the hits from the 1960s, 70s, and 80s.


Nora’s Infinite Playlist
Nora Whelan
7 PM – 8 PM
Indie/experimental, giving exposure to new music

Vans Club Radio

Savannah Pharr & Kaley McCusty

8 PM – 9 PM

Variety Show


Gracie Foust & Jacob Huffman

9 PM – 10 PM

Half-Caff is a 1 hour radio show consisting of music (popular, on the rise, and under-appreciated), games, and news. Join us in listening to our show if you like to hear couples diss each other on air.


Top 10s at 10

Matthew Sampson & Candy Slamin

10 PM – 11 PM

Top 10 selections in any category of music.


Society: it’s a trap!
Maya Robinson
3 PM – 4 PM
Different social issue based themes presented through an opening comedy skit, followed by underground hip-hop related to the theme

Alternative Approaches
Hannah Woehrle & Chloe Chindgren
5 PM – 6 PM
Mash-ups and Covers to make you as confused and uncomfortable as possible


Just Two Gals
Alaina Archie & Lindsay Innis
6 PM – 7 PM
Radiating good vibes every week ~ inspired by a different theme ~
Listen for fun commentary and ALWAYS good music!


good enough.
Kelly Ohmann & Jordan Barker
8 PM – 9 PM
indie sad girls


Jodie’s Corner
Chelsea Hogan
9 PM – 10 PM
90’s music & bad jokes


Patrick vs. Bethel
Bethel Mahoney & Patrick Lee
3 PM – 4 PM
Good Music


Metal Mayhem
Alex Tyson
4 PM – 5 PM
I play heavy metal ranging from System of a Down to Suicide Silence. Each show will be a playlist based on a group of metal music that sounds similar.


Jazz Hour With Noah
Noah Strobel
7 PM – 8 PM

Everything from early jazz all the way to fusion jazz

Spring Boy
Max Gorman
9 PM – 10 PM


Hello! I’ll Play Some Music!
Reid Spencer
12 PM – 1 PM
Post-rock, ambient.

Route 1 Radio
DJ Young Riles
1 PM – 2 PM
From NoVA to Richmond to Va Beach throughout the state, today’s country with a little from yesterday’s. From well-known artists like Lady Antebellum, Dierks Bentley, and Blake Shelton to new up incomers such as Marren Morris, Cole Swindell, and Old Dominion. Relax as we travel through Virginia’s highways listening to this decade’s country music.



K Corner
Alliyah Ramos
12 PM – 1 PM
Discussion and playing of old and new K-hip hop and K-R&B songs and Artists


Emotion Happenings

Bethany Wilson
2 PM – 3 PM
Just a lil music magic or possible sadness for your ears… or maybe some noise. Depends on your perspective or my mood. But, if this vague description makes you curious, go ahead and tune in. (insert finger guns)

Renegade Funk
Kevin Coleman
5 PM – 6 PM

Hip-hop, Soul, Funk, Reggae, Dancehall, whatever it may be, as long as it’s got a groove and a funky beat you can find it on Renegade Funk!



Mind Funeral
Alex Rudenshiold
6 PM – 7 PM
The sounds of despair

In My Honest Onion
Sarah Kinzer, Katie Armstrong, & Elizabeth Hiatt
7 PM – 8 PM
Songs that provide social commentary

sleepy sunday

Sleepy Sunday
Abbey Bailey & Jada Steward
8 PM – 9 PM
Wake up! Jada and Abbey will be spinning your favorite alt/indie tunes at 8 PM every Sunday as they discuss the film and literature that they love.

Clear as Folk
DJ Gender
9 PM – 10 PM
music and homosexuality

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