Alex Rudenshiold

President / General Manager for WMWC Radio

Major: Political Science & English

Graduation Year: 2019

Favorite Bands: Foxes in Fiction, Cloakroom, Fog Lake, Ostraca, Slowdive, The American Analog Set, Soccer Mommy, Carrion Spring, Shigeto, This Will Destroy You, Full of Hell, Lone

Favorite Music Memory: Touring is the best. Done a bit of it and it’s so much fun. This is supposed to be clean so I’m gonna not tell any stories, but if you wanna know any I’m an open book.

Other Activities You’re Involved with on Campus: UMW Environmental Action Collective


I also book shows around town, if you or your band is looking for a gig — hit me up.

Check out my bands while you’re at it.
Infant Island: