BotBs: Galaxy Dynamite

A quick interview with one of the top three bands of the evening, Galaxy Dynamite.

Introduce the band in the instruments:

Kevin Arroyo – Guitar
Michael Mahgerefteh – Drums
Sam Wolffe – Bass.

What season best describes your sound and why?
I would say the summer.
We have our moments where we have this lazy lounging sound that you can just lose your thoughts in. But during the summer at a moments notice a violent hurricane can pound the coast, just as we go from smooth and comforting to suddenly furious and relentless.

You make it big, what is the name of the song you would make?

“Overlapping waves”

Our favorite song on the setlist?
“Silphco”. It goes from a nice raggae theme to get yourself acquainted to suddenly very spooky and creepy to a dramatic and epic buildup which regains itself in a weird yet bouncy dark tune to groove to.

What do you think will set you apart from the competition?
Because we deliver what you need, a release.