Remix and Review 10/6: CEO 2015

Community Effort Orlando, or CEO, is the largest fighting game tournament held in the state of Florida.  Also, OCRemix put out a remix album for them.  It’s pretty good, and these are my picks for the radio show.  


Download it for free here:


Set List


  1. Press Start [Title JP] by Tuberz McGee

-From Sonic CD:  Temporal Duality

  1. CEO Champion (Main Theme of CEO 2015) by O_Super and Mag.Lo

-Main Theme

  1. The Last Killer (Killer Instinct) by Jeff Matthews

-Based off of the 1994 KI Game’s Main, Glacius, Orchid, Sabrewulf, and Cinder themes

  1. Prodigious Blitz (Tekken Tag Tournament 2) by DjjD

-Based off of the Piano Remix

  1. Its Okay, I Still Made Money (Divekick) by Flexstyle

-Based off of “JEO”, Jeffailey’s theme

  1. FALCON PUNCH (Super Smash Bros. Theme of CEO 2015) by Benjamin Briggs

-SSB Theme for CEO

  1. Together, We Fly (Super Smash Bros. Melee) by Neblix

-Remix of “Together, We Ride” from Fire Emblem

  1. Dash Cancel (Ultra Street Fighter 4) by Nutritious

-Based off of Decapre’s theme

  1. What’s Your Poison (Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3) by Ivan Hakstok and Sixto Sounds

-Based off of the UMVC3 Character Select Theme