WMWC In the Bullet

Hey everyone, just a quick message to inform you that WMWC is featured in this week’s edition of the Bullet. There’s a lovely picture of our lovely officers and the “endless” rows of CDs that take up most of the space in our lovely station. (Notice the use of lovely? It’s used because it’s true.) So if you haven’t already, go pick up an issue of the Bullet, take a look at the article, and then head on over to wmwc.umw.edu to listen!

Nora’s [Fill in the Blank] Radio Show – 9/9/09

So last night’s show was a bit dicey from my end. As I mentioned during the broadcast I accidentally “immersed” my Zune in “water”* and so last night was Nora reacquainting herself with the CD players in the station. But I made it through the whole show without muting the microphone or CDs for longer than 10 seconds, so it was a success in certain respects. Last night was also a theme night, namely the Mercury Prize. For today’s summary I will be posting the playlist, this week’s releases and the tid bits of information I gave out last night on the Mercury Prize. Have fun!


  1. Better Days – Speech Debelle
  2. In These Arms – The Swell Season
  3. Rudie Fails – The White Rabbits
  4. Amsterdam – Coldplay
  5. Darts of Pleasure – Franz Ferdinand
  6. Never Gonna Happen – Lily Allen
  7. Can’t Stop Now – Keane
  8. Time Honoured Tradition – Kaiser Chiefs
  9. Disco 2000 – Pulp
  10. Postcard of a Painting – Maximo Park
  11. Emasculate Me – The Cribs
  12. No You Girls – Franz Ferdinand
  13. The Fix – Elbow
  14. The Debt Collector – Blur
  15. Ladies and Gentleman (Roll the Dice) – Kasabian
  16. Secret Door – Arctic Monkeys
  17. Sleep Alone – Bat for Lashes
  18. Tracy Jacks – Blur
  19. You Want History – Kaiser Chiefs
  20. Balaclava – Arctic Monkeys
  21. The Lovers are Losing – Keane
  22. In Another World – Maximo Park
  23. Perhaps Vampires is a Bit Strong But… – Arctic Monkeys
  24. 22 – Lily Allen
  25. The Moneymaker – Rilo Kiley
  26. Addicted to Drugs – Kaiser Chiefs
  27. Brazil – Arcade Fire


  • The Cribs – Ignore the Ignorant
  • The Beatles – Super Duper Remastered Box Set
  • Pete Yorn & Scarlett Johansson – Break Up
  • Vivian Girls – Everything Goes Wrong

The Mercury Prize

  • Coldplay – 2003 nominated (been nominated 3 times) (lost to Dizzee Rascal “Boy in da Corner”) (other nominees included Radiohead and the Darkness)
  • Franz Ferdinand – 2004 won (against Keane, Amy Winehouse, The Streets, The Zutons, and Belle and Sebastian)
  • Arctic Monkeys – 2006 won (against Muse, Guillemots, Editors, and Thom Yorke of Radiohead)
  • Arctic Monkeys (again) – 2007 nominated (lost to the Klaxons) (other nominees included Bat for Lashes, Dizzee Rascal, The View, and Amy Winehouse)
  • Elbow – 2008 won (against Adele, The Last of the Shadow Puppets [alex turner’s side project] and Radiohead)
  • Speech Debelle – 2009 won (against Kasabian, Bat for Lashes, Florence and the Machine [favourites], Glasvegas, and the Horrors)
  • It was established by the British Phonographic Industry and British Association of Record Dealers in 1992 as an alternative to the industry-dominated Brit Awards. The prize was originally sponsored by Mercury Communications, a brand owned by Cable & Wireless, from which the prize gets its name
  • According to my definition and calculations there have been 6 non-indie rock winners in the past 17 years (not that they aren’t nominated, they just don’t win)
  • 2005 – Antony and the Johnsons (who are based in NYC) won, causing much controversy. The Kaiser Chiefs were the favourites to win that year. Other nominees from that year included MIA, Bloc Party, and KT Tunstall.

Well that’s it for this week. Next week, hopefully, things will go more smoothly and there will be something to talk about other than the Mercury Prize (because that would just get boring.) Until then!

*It got dropped in my suite toilet. Not exactly a proud moment for your DJ.

WMWC: That’s What’s UP!

So, the radio station blog has gotten a little dusty and filled with cobwebs over the past few weeks.  Our resident expert on Brit Pop, Imnore has thrown up the bat signal for us DJs to get rolling.  So given all that let me introduce you to both the new mysterious mistress of the wmwc blogsphere and myself.  Olivia Scott, a Junior at Mary Washington, recently offered to jump full long into the WordPress movement and rock out this website, give it the bells and whistles that will make it almost as good as our music!  Olivia is exactly what the station needs to get back on with our netizens and get the word out about this awesome station located in Fredericksburg Virginia.  So expect some nice face lifts as well as a good volume of posts about music reviews and shows from our DJs.  We have another space you can check out run by a very loyal alumni over at wmwc.org, but the advantage of uwmblogs is obvious when you consider that you can have multiple authors all pouring their creative energy into keeping this ship running.

For all of you who are out of the loop:  WMWC DJs a dance night down in the underground every other Thursday.  So if you want to boogy down to some of your local UMW DJs come on out, it’s a great time!   If you want to know when we radio shows happen this semester check out the WMWC google group for the schedule.

There’s always seems to be a question about how you access the radio station.  “Why don’t you just play out of an actual radio?!” people always want to ask me.  Well let me start by say this:  Do you even remember what this radio thing is?  And let’s be frank with each other, chances are pretty good that you only listen to the radio when you are say in the car.  Am I right?  Well okay, now I am also going to surmise that you probably use say…oh I don’t know, the internet fairly frequently!  Well, it means that you are more likely to give us kids over in WMWC the time of day if we are on the up and up with web 2.0 and that whole being digital.  So just kick back, relax, forget your homework, and give us a listen!

cc licensed flickr photo by aterpeirun(Jon Iraundegi): http://flickr.com/photos/joniraundegi/2735199438/