New E.P. by J.C.

Finally! The new E.P. from the much acclaimed artist Jesus Christ! As many of you know, J.C. supposedly consists of Carles and Tao Lin from the popular hipster website I think that this song is really a leap forward for so many independent basement chillwave artists who are trying to reach the “mainstream” indie community with a song that will both inspire and confuse, for it has done both for me!

Yes, it is true, their band name is Jesus Christ. I for one, find this particularly hilarious because of the stupid amount of backlash that it will hopefully (for the “band”) generate in their favor.

As many (none?) of you know, I am a religion major who is not offended by much (I claim nothing, but my life isn’t over yet) and this “band” is headed into the not offended pile as well. So, if any of you are truly and deeply offended by this post, please, do not be afraid to tell me……. Oh, and here is the song.

Jesus Christ – Is this really what you want?