Title goes here brotha. Hello?*

Hey ya’ll! Nice to meet you, I’m the new “blog mistress” and I’m in the process of revamping the WMWC blog.  Soon, I’m hoping to change the WP theme and I need your help to do it. That’s right, YOUR help! I want your pictures of our DJs, radio events, and anything else WMWC related; just email them to me at oscott50 at gmail dot com and I’ll incorporate them into the site.

Don’t have any pictures of our lovely WMWC staff or events? Well you’re in luck! We have several awesome events coming up:

Spin Off

Spin Off

First off, this Saturday (Oct 3rd) WMWC is hosting a Folk Festival in the Underground at 5, sorry my bad,7:00.  We have several local artists slated to make appearances and serenade ya’ll with their folksy tunes.

October 16th, stop by Ball Circle between 3 and 6 to listen to our talented DJs spin your favorite tunes at the Carnival.

How does having an extra $100 in your pocket sound? Awesome, right? I know. Want in on it? Head on over to our Spin Off competition October 22nd at the Underground for your chance to win the cash. Not so talented in that area? You’re still welcome to stop by and enjoy the ambiance! We You still need those pictures remember?!

And of course, the much anticipated return of our 80’s dance in November. I’ll update ya’ll with more info as soon as I can, but until then hit up the Goodwill for that perfect outfit complete with neon colors, leggings, and oversized tops.

Hope to see ya’ll there!


*Jake and Amir reference. I am WP literate.