Remix and Review: The Incredible Info Session!

We’re finally back and ready to go!  Check the set-list below and leave me some suggestions on remixes to pull for future shows.  You can download most of these albums for free except the 25 Years of Mega Man album.  That one’s worth $10 (USD) but it sure is worth it.


1)  Press Start [Title JP] by Tuberz McGee.  From “Sonic CD:  Temporal Duality”.  Album Download Link:

2)  GO! GO! GO! (Grand Opening) by PROTO-DOME.  From “Milky Way Wishes:  A Kirby Super Star Tribute”.  Download Link Here:

3)  Photosynthesis ~Leafeon~ (Eterna Forest) by halc.  From “Pokemon:  The Eevee EP”.  Album Download Link:

4)  Running to the Beat [Special Stage US] by Arceace.  From “Sonic CD:  Temporal Duality”.  Album Download Link:

5)  Secrets Abound (Montoya’s Cave) by Midgarian Sky.  From “Final Fantasy:  Random Encounter”.  Album Download Link:

6)  Jungle Kuwanger (Mega Man X:  Boomerang Kuwanger Stage) by Phonetic Hero.  From “For Everlasting Peace:  25 Years of Mega Man”.  Download Link:

7)  Grab the Blue Coin! (Cave Dungeon) by Sole Signal.  From “Super Mario 64:  Portrait of a Plumber”.  Download Link Here:

8)  The Skull Fortress [Flash in the Dark (Dr. Wily Stage 1)] by Sixto Sounds.  From “Mega Man 9:  Back in Blue”.  Download Link Here: