WMWC Remix and Review: The Sound of Speed (April 8)


This album is from OCRemix and features songs from the SEGA Genesis game “Sonic the Hedgehog” Download it for free!

Notation format:
Order #) Name of Track by Artist(s) (Stage from Game)

1) Press Start by Tuberz McGee (Sonic CD JP Title)
2) The Sound of Speed by OA and Scaredism (Green Hill Zone)
3) Shifting Islands by HalC, Isixfour, and Protodome (Marble Zone)
4) Hogtied by Brandon Strader and Rexy (Boss Fight Theme)
5) Spring Junkie by Halc (Labyrinth and Spring Yard Zones)
6) Subsonic Sparkle by GaMeBoX (Act Clear, Collision Chaos Good Future, Labyrinth Zone and Special Stage)
7) Fifty Rings to Ride by Joshua Morse (Green Hill, Labyrinth, and Spring Yard Zones + Special Stage)
8) Bubble Junkie by Benjamin Briggs (Labyrinth Zone + Special Stage)
9) Under Construction by DrumUltimA and Harmony (Spring Yard and Star Light Zones)
10) Clockwork Criminal by WillRock (Scrap Brain Zone)