BGL’s music reviewage

Woot! I’ve got 5 things for ya’ll today and boy am I excited.

(hed) p.e., “Renegade”

First off, a single from one of my personal favorite’s new album.  (hed) p.e. drops a new one in our lap with “Renegade”.  It’s a little different from the sound of their usual songs, more mainstream, but much better than the last time they forayed from home (Blackout).  It looks as if they are finally fulfilling the role left empty when Rage departed from the stage a few years ago.  Anyway, I can’t do justice to trying to describe the song, so here’s the video.


(truth)ep released on Jan 13th. 3 different versions, black, red, white, with different bonus songs on each.

Edguy, The Singles

Okay, this is a collection of songs off of a few albums.  But if you’ve never heard of Edguy, which you probably haven’t as they’re from Germany, I suggest you give them a shot.  Seriously, I picked this cd outta the review pile because it had clowns/jesters on the cover.  Every time I tried to pigeonhole the group into category, the next song had me changing my mind again.  I’ll just call em heavy (but not too heavy) metal and give you a few tracks to decide for yourself.  If yer looking for something new to listen to I’d say give em a try. (3.5/5)


Lavatory Love Machine.

The Singles will be released on Feb 10th

The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Lonely Road

I’d heard the single “You Better Pray” a couple times on the radio, so I was excited to give this album a listen.  I believe that “Lonely Roads” would have been a better first single for the album as it better represents the sound of the album.  Overall it’s not bad, I just feel mislead by the label’s choice for a single release. (3/5)

You Better Pray

Lonely Road was released on Feb 3.

Blue Eyed Blacks, Black Eyed Soul

A band outta Nashville, but this ain’t country.  Fairly light bluesy/country rock ish.. thing.  Kinda Jack Johsonish in a way.  Overall well put together and easy to listen to.  Doesn’t make you want to dance, but it’s great for those quiet times in the soundtrack of life.  Might be hard to find as it’s an independant label, but give it a whirl, you may enjoy it. (3.5/5)

Black Eyed Soul was released in October 2008 on Chicken Ranch Records.

Alone II: The Home Recordings of Rivers Cuomo

Apparently Rivers thought it was a good idea to go digging through his recordings he’s made over the years and release stuff that wasn’t “good enough” to make it onto albums.  /shrug. It’s not bad, but I was kinda hoping for something that didn’t sound pretty much exactly like Weezer, only less polished.  Fans of the band may enjoy it, but I can’t guarantee that.  (2/5)

Alone II was released Nov. 25th 2008